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About us

The founders of the name PALMHOF began in the 20th century, on May 31, 1963, Eva and Henry Scharrenberg,

a married couple from a small town ,named Venray in the southern part of the Netherlands, moved in 1985 to the city of Hengelo,in the eastern part of the Netherlands,to place the first stone for the company name, PALMHOF, this happend in the 20th century on August 1, 1986.

PALMHOF the name originates from the two founders and their two daughters and two sons.

In the 21th century ,on July 1, 2010, Henry Scharrenberg as ,,CEO" started PALMHOF.eu as a Internetfirm,

International Digital & Visual Comminucation Service,
hosted by the
Chamber of Commerce,Dos.nr.:50265857.
The Netherlands-Europe

With many years of experience, for PALMHOF gives Henry Scharrenberg , now a original wise guidance and direction to PALMHOF.eu on internet.

Henry Scharrenberg claims for PALMHOF.eu copyright and property rights in all creation he realizes PALMHOF.eu or late realize, without reservation, the most comprehensive current and future Legal size. PALMHOF.eu has all rights, wherever and whenever it exercised or be acquired, without remuneration. PALMHOF.eu aims, Advice & Service regarding International Digital and Visual Comunication Service, to grant, to every entrepreneur,

Man or Woman, Small and Big company,s and Prived Small Business, the possibility INTERNET to offer AFFORDABLE Advertising,

Anywhere On and Off this World trough PALMHOF.eu