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Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles
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  Auto-parts service centers
  Body Recovery
  Import new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
  Import of new commercial vehicles
  Other specialized repair and towing of cars
  Repair of specific car parts
  Retail sale of automotive parts and accessories
  Retail trade and repair of motorcycles and parts thereof
  Specialized repair of motor vehicles
  Trade and repair of caravans
  Trade and repair of cars and light commercial vehicles
  Trade and repair of cars and light commercial vehicles (not import new)
  Trade and repair of heavy commercial vehicles (not import new)
  Trade and repair of heavy commercial vehicles, trailers and caravans
  Trade and repair of motorcycles and parts thereof
  Trade and repair of trailers and semi-trailers (no caravans)
  Trade in car parts and accessories
  Trade in cars and trailers, possibly combined with repair
  Tyre Companies
  Wholesale trade and in automotive parts and accessories
  Wholesale trade and in bands
  Wholesale trade and in car parts and accessories (not related)
  Wholesale trade and in motorcycles and parts thereof
  Agents in textiles, clothing, footwear and leather goods
  Agents involved in furniture, household goods and hardware
  Agents involved in the agricultural, livestock and raw material for textiles and food
  Agents involved in the food and beverage
  Agents involved in the machinery, technical equipment, ships and aircraft
  Agents involved in the timber, flat glass, plumbing and building materials
  Agents of fuels, ores, metals and chemical products
  Agents specializing in other goods
  Non-specialist brokering
  Non-specialized wholesale of consumer goods
  Non-specialized wholesale trade
  Non-specialized wholesale trade in non-consumer products
  Other specialized wholesale
  Other specialized wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco nec
  Snacks Wholesale
  Specialized wholesale of other materials and supplies for the food industry nec
  Wholesale accessories, technical accessories, etc.
  Wholesale camping (no caravans)
  Wholesale car demolition materials
  Wholesale clothing, footwear and fashion articles
  Wholesale clothing, household textiles and haberdashery
  Wholesale coffee, tea, cocoa and spices (not raw)
  Wholesale combustion engines, pumps and compressors
  Wholesale dairy products and edible oils and fats
  Wholesale dairy products, edible oils and fats, eggs
  Wholesale Eggs
  Wholesale feed (no rough, mixing and concentrates)
  Wholesale food and beverage general range
  Wholesale furniture company
  Wholesale glass, porcelain and earthenware
  Wholesale glass, porcelain and pottery and in cleaning
  Wholesale heating appliances
  Wholesale home furnishings, home textiles, carpets and lighting
  Wholesale home furniture
  Wholesale iron and metal ware and heating appliances
  Wholesale iron and metalware
  Wholesale iron and steel scrap and old non-ferrous metals
  Wholesale jewelry items and watches
  Wholesale lighting
  Wholesale material handling equipment
  Wholesale mixing and power feed
  Wholesale non-ferrous metals and semi-
  Wholesale of agricultural machinery and tractors
  Wholesale of agricultural products and live animals
  Wholesale of audio and video equipment
  Wholesale of bakery
  Wholesale of bicycles and mopeds
  Wholesale of books, magazines and other printed matter
  Wholesale of chemical products
  Wholesale of chemical raw materials and chemicals for industrial purposes
  Wholesale of clothing and haberdashery
  Wholesale of computers, peripherals and software
  Wholesale of drinks (no dairy)
  Wholesale of electrical household appliances (no white goods, audio and video)
  Wholesale of electrical household appliances, audio and video equipment and photographic and optical goods
  Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and related components
  Wholesale of fashion articles
  Wholesale of ferrous metals and semi-
  Wholesale of fish, crustaceans and molluscs
  Wholesale of flat glass
  Wholesale of flowers and plants
  Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco
  Wholesale of fruit and vegetables
  Wholesale of fruit and vegetables and table potatoes
  Wholesale of fuels and other mineral oil products
  Wholesale of grain
  Wholesale of grain, unmanufactured tobacco, oils, seeds and fodder
  Wholesale of hay, straw and forage
  Wholesale of hides and skins
  Wholesale of hides, skins, leather and semi-finished leather
  Wholesale of home textiles and carpets
  Wholesale of household goods (non food)
  Wholesale of household textiles and linens
  Wholesale of ICT equipment
  Wholesale of liquid and gaseous fuels
  Wholesale of live animals
  Wholesale of machine tools
  Wholesale of machinery and equipment for the heating, cooling and freezing equipment
  Wholesale of machinery for construction
  Wholesale of machinery for the food and beverage industries
  Wholesale of machinery for the printing and food and beverage industries
  Wholesale of machinery for the printing industry
  Wholesale of machinery for the textile industry and of sewing and knitting machines
  Wholesale of machinery, equipment and accessories for industrial and commercial
  Wholesale of marine equipment and fishing articles
  Wholesale of measuring and control devices
  Wholesale of meat and meat and game and poultry (not live)
  Wholesale of medical and dental instruments, orthopedic nursing and laboratory supplies
  Wholesale of metal ores
  Wholesale of metals and metal ores
  Wholesale of musical instruments
  Wholesale of optical goods
  Wholesale of other agricultural produce
  Wholesale of other food and other materials and supplies for the food
  Wholesale of other household goods (non food)
  Wholesale of other household goods (non food) nec
  Wholesale of other intermediate products
  Wholesale of other intermediate products nec
  Wholesale of other machinery, equipment and supplies for industry and commerce
  Wholesale of other machinery, equipment and supplies for industry and trade nec
  Wholesale of other recyclable materials and waste
  Wholesale of paints and paint were
  Wholesale of paper and paperboard
  Wholesale of paper and paperboard (no packaging),
  Wholesale of pesticides and fertilizers
  Wholesale of pharmaceutical products
  Wholesale of photographic
  Wholesale of raw vegetable and animal oils and fats and oil commodities
  Wholesale of sand and gravel
  Wholesale of sanitary ware and bathroom fittings
  Wholesale of seeds, seedlings and legumes
  Wholesale of solid fuels
  Wholesale of sugar and chocolate and sugar confectionery
  Wholesale of textile raw materials and semi-
  Wholesale of tiles and flags
  Wholesale of underwear
  Wholesale of video and sound recordings
  Wholesale of wallpaper
  Wholesale of washing, cleaning and polishing
  Wholesale of waste and scrap
  Wholesale of watersport
  Wholesale of wood, plumbing and other building materials
  Wholesale of workwear
  Wholesale office machines (not computers)
  Wholesale packaging
  Wholesale perfumes and cosmetics
  Wholesale pets, ornamental fish, ornamental birds and wild animals
  Wholesale products and fodder crops generally range
  Wholesale semi-finished leather and leather
  Wholesale Shoes
  Wholesale sporting goods (no water)
  Wholesale table potatoes
  Wholesale textile general range
  Wholesale tobacco
  Wholesale Tops
  Wholesale toys
  Wholesale trade in building materials generally range
  Wholesale trade in live cattle
  Wholesale trade in mineral oil (no fuel)
  Wholesale trade in pharmaceutical products, medical instruments and orthopedic
  Wholesale white goods
  Wholesale wood and sheet
  Wholesaler specializing in the construction
  Antique shops
  Antique shops and secondhand goods
  Articles home furnishings stores in general range
  Baby shops in general range
  Beverages shops
  Book shops
  Bread and pastry shops
  Camping goods stores (no caravans)
  Canvassing, street trading and other forms of distribution through retail
  Cheese shops
  Chemist shops, medical and orthopedic goods
  Clothes shops and fashion items (general line)
  Clothing stores in substances
  Consumer electronics stores
  Department Stores
  Department stores and shops with such a comprehensive range of non-food
  DIY and building materials stores in general range
  Foreign food stores
  Furniture stores
  Garden Centres
  Hardware stores and tools
  Household goods stores generally range
  Jewelry and watches stores in Articles
  Knitting wool shops, crafts and haberdashery
  Lighting stores
  Market Trade in food and beverage
  Market trade in fruit and vegetables
  Market Trade in non-food items (no textiles, clothing and footwear)
  Market Trade in other food and beverage
  Market Trade in other goods
  Market Trade in textiles, clothing and footwear
  Market Trading
  Musical instruments stores
  Optical goods stores
  Paint shops, paint and wallpaper were
  Petrol Stations
  Photographic shops
  Retail distribution through other forms
  Retail mail order and Internet
  Retail store or market is not over
  Shoe shops
  Shoes and leather goods stores
  Shops and health food products
  Shops bicycles and mopeds
  Shops drugstore items
  Shops in audio and video equipment
  Shops in bicycles and motorcycles, sports, camping and boat
  Shops in bread, pastry, chocolate and sugar confectionery
  Shops in carpeting and curtains
  Shops in chocolate and sugar confectionery
  Shops in clothing, household textiles and haberdashery
  Shops in computers, peripherals and software
  Shops in do-it-yourself articles
  Shops in fashion articles
  Shops in fish
  Shops in flowers and plants, seeds and garden supplies
  Shops in flowers, plants, seeds, garden supplies, pets and pet supplies
  Shops in fruit and vegetables
  Shops in furniture, lighting and other household goods nec
  Shops in game and poultry
  Shops in glass, porcelain and earthenware
  Shops in household textiles
  Shops in kitchens
  Shops in meat and meat products
  Shops in meat and meat products, game and poultry
  Shops in medical and orthopedic goods
  Shops in newspapers, magazines and stationery
  Shops in other articles n.o.s.
  Shops in other household goods
  Shops in paintings, frames, prints, artifacts and religious items
  Shops in parquet, laminate and cork flooring
  Shops in perfumes and cosmetics
  Shops in reading, sports, camping and recreational articles
  Shops in sewing and knitting machines
  Shops in sports (no sports)
  Shops in telecommunications
  Shops in tiles
  Shops in underwear, foundations similar equipment
  Shops in wooden building materials and garden
  Shops of clothing and fashion items, textile supermarkets
  Shops of leather goods and travel accessories
  Shops specializing in other articles nec
  Shops specializing in other household goods nec
  Shops specializing in the do-it-yourself articles
  Specialized stores in other food and beverage
  Specialized stores in other food and beverage nes
  Specialized stores selling food, beverages and tobacco
  Stores audio and video equipment or a general range of white and brown goods
  Stores audio and video recordings
  Stores in a general range of white and brown goods
  Stores in animals, pet supplies and fishing tackle
  Stores in infants and children
  Stores in other articles
  Stores in other electrical appliances
  Stores in parts for household appliances
  Stores in second-hand goods (no clothing)
  Stores of electrical household appliances and components
  Stores with a general range of non-food (no stores)
  Supermarkets and stores such a comprehensive range of food and drink
  Supermarkets Textiles
  Supermarkets, department stores and similar stores with a general range
  Tobacco shops
  Toy stores
  Trade in used goods market
  Trade market in flowers, plants, seeds and garden supplies
  Used clothing stores
  Watersport shops
  White goods shops
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