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Transport and storage
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  Freight transport by road (no removals)
  Moving Transport
  Occasional road passenger transport
  Other road passenger transport
  Passenger rail (no tram or underground)
  Public interurban road passenger transport
  Public transport within cities
  Rail Freight
  Regular private passenger road
  Road haulage
  Road passenger transport
  Taxi fares
  Barge (freight shipping)
  Inland (cargo, tanker and tugboat)
  Inland (drag-and pushboats)
  Inland (passenger vessel and ferry)
  Inland (shipping and passenger ferry)
  Inland (tanker)
  Marine and coastal towage
  Sea and coastal water transport (cargo, tanker and tugboat)
  Sea and coastal water transport (freight and tanker, not a tugboat)
  Sea and coastal water transport (passenger and ferry shipping)
  Passenger transport by air
  Forwarders, ship brokers, charterers and other intermediaries in freight
  Loading, unloading and handling activities
  Loading, unloading and handling activities are not for navigation
  Loading, unloading and handling operations for maritime
  Services for Aviation
  Services for land transport
  Services for water transport
  Shipping agents, ship brokers and charterers; weighing and measuring
  Similar equipment of cold storage
  Storage in distribution centers and other storage (not tanks, cold stores etc.)
  Storage tanks
  Transport Services
  Weighing and measuring
  Item no universal service obligation
  National post with USO
  Postal and courier without USO
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