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Health and Welfare
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  Class hospitals
  Cooperation Bodies in the field of health care and other support services
  Dental practice
  Emergency services and central posts
  General hospitals
  Medical and dental practices
  Medical laboratories, drum messenger services and other supportive treatment research
  Mental health and addiction treatment overnight with
  Occupational Health Support and Reintegration
  Other healthcare providers without accommodation and health support services
  Other paramedical practices (no physiotherapy and psychology) and alternative healers
  Para Medical practices and other health care without overnight
  Practice of physiotherapists
  Practices of dental specialists
  Practices of dentists
  Practices of GPs
  Practices of medical specialists and medical dagbehandelcentra (no dental or psychiatric)
  Practices of medical specialists and medical dagbehandelcentra (no dental)
  Practices of midwives
  Practices of midwives and paramedics
  Practices of psychiatrists and mental health and dagbehandelcentra addiction
  Practices of psychotherapists and psychologists
  Preventive health care (no health and safety guidance)
  University medical centers
  Homes and day centers for non-mentally handicapped
  Homes and day centers for the mentally handicapped and non-nursing
  Homes and day centers for the mentally handicapped and psychiatric patients
  Nursing Homes
  Share with overnight accommodation
  Youth and social care with accommodation
  Youth Assistance with accommodation and day centers for youth
  Ambulatory youth
  Childcare and playgroup
  Itinerant youth and social work, advice and local welfare
  Local welfare
  Other social advice, community and cooperation agencies in the area of welfare
  Social welfare
  Social work without accommodation not specifically targeted at elderly and disabled
  Social work without accommodation to the elderly and disabled
  Support and assistance to handicapped
  Welfare for the elderly
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