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Financial Institutions
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  Central banks
  Collective investment in financial assets
  Collective investment in fixed assets
  Cooperative banks organized
  Credit and other financial intermediation
  Credit Impact
  Exchange brokers and other credit
  Federal Commercial banks and commercial finance
  Financial holding companies
  Financial leasing
  Investment companies
  Investment Institutions
  Investment vehicles with limited membership
  Main banks
  Monetary intermediation
  Mortgage banks and building societies
  Other credit
  Other financial intermediation
  Other monetary financial institutions
  Company pension
  Company pension and savings funds
  Insurance (no reinsurance)
  Life insurance (not reinsurance), Natura Insurance
  Life insurance (not reinsurance), kind, insurance and savings banks
  Life insurance (not reinsurance),Natura Insurance
  Non-life insurance (not reinsurance)
  Other funds
  Pension funds
  Professional Pension Funds
  Savings banks
  Actuarial and pension consultancy, management and administration of pension assets
  Administration of financial markets
  Administration Offices for equities and bonds
  Administration Offices for equities and bonds, market makers, mortgage and credit intermediation, money exchange, bank and savings agencies etc.
  Brokers and securities brokers, investment advisers, etc.
  Broking, consultancy, etc. (not insurance and pension funds)
  Deposit Funds
  Insurance brokers
  Insurance Scholarships
  Market Makers
  Mortgage and loan broking, money exchange, bank and savings agencies etc.
  Other services in the areas of insurance and pension funds (not valuers and insurance brokers)
  Other services in the field of insurance and pension funding nec
  Risk and damage evaluation
  Services relating to insurance and pension
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