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Culture, sport and recreation
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  Circus and vaudeville
  Event Halls
  Performing arts and entertainment
  Practice of performing arts
  Producers of performing arts
  Services for performing arts
  Theaters and theaters
  Theaters, theaters and banquet halls
  Writing and other creative arts
  Animal and plant gardens, petting
  Art centers
  Art Galleries and exhibition spaces
  Cultural lending centers and archives
  Cultural lending centers, archives, museums, zoological and botanical gardens, nature
  Heritage Preservation
  Museums, art galleries and exhibition spaces
  Other cultural centers and public archives lending
  Public libraries
  Zoological and botanical gardens, nature
  Gambling and betting
  Gambling and betting (no amusement machines)
  Operation of amusement and gaming machines
  Amusement and theme parks
  Amusement and theme parks, amusement rides
  Bowling, bowling, billiards similar equipment
  Equestrian and horse riding
  Fairground Attraction
  Field Sports team (not soccer)
  Fitness Centers
  Gymnasiums, sports halls and gyms
  Individual sports hall
  Inside Sport
  Mind games
  Motor sport
  Occupation Sportsmen
  Organising sports events
  Other indoor sports and multisport
  Other outdoor
  Other recreation
  Other recreational n.e.c.
  Other recreational n.e.c. (no marina)
  Other sports
  Other sports n.e.c.
  Providing fishing trips
  Rowing, canoeing, sailing and surfing similar equipment
  Sports fields
  Sports Hall team
  Strength & Martial Arts
  Strength & Martial Arts
  Supporters Associations (Sports)
  Umbrella bodies and cooperation and advisory bodies in the field of sport
  Underwater swimming
  Winter sports
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