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Consultancy, research and other specialized business services
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  Accountancy, tax advice and administration
  Accounting Offices
  Bailiff Offices
  Chartered Accountants
  Law Firms
  Legal activities
  Legal consultancy
  Notary Offices
  Other administrative offices
  Patent Offices
  Tax Advisers
  Advice on management and operations
  Advice on management and operations (no PR)
  Advice on management and operations (not public relations and organizational consultancy)
  Holdings (not financial)
  Holdings (not financial) and services group within their own group
  Organisational consultancy
  Public relations agencies
  Services group within its own group
  Additional testing and analysis
  Architects, engineers and technical design and advice
  Engineers and other technical design and advice
  Inspection of agricultural products and foodstuffs
  Inspection of machinery, equipment and materials
  Testing and analysis
  Biotechnology R
  Biotechnology R & D
  Biotechnology research and development activities in the field of medical and pharmaceutical products and processes of food
  Biotechnology research and development for other uses
  Biotechnology research and development on agricultural products and processes
  Other scientific research and development (not biotech)
  Research and development in the social sciences and humanities
  Research and development on agriculture and fishing (not biotech)
  Research and development on health and nutrition (not biotech)
  Scientific research and development
  Scientific research and development (not biotech)
  Technical R
  Technical R & D
  Advertising and marketing of advertising space and time
  Market research and public opinion
  Trade in advertising space and time
  Developer Central
  Development Shops
  Industrial design and design
  Other specialized business services
  Photography and develop pictures and movies
  Translators and interpreters
  Veterinary services
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