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Road haulage

The Road Haulage Association Ltd (abbreviated as The RHA) is a UK trade association which represents members of the road haulage industry, together with allied businesses. The RHA has been in continuous existence for more than fifty years. As a trade association, the RHA provides dedicated campaigning, advice, information and business services specially tailored for its members within the UK’s haulage industry, including audits, risk assessments and contracts of employment. It also offers a large range of training, from Digital Tachograph training to Safe Loading.

Its head office is based in Peterborough, England, and other offices are found in Weybridge, Edinburgh, Bristol and Bradford. Each of these regional offices provides support for the Associations’ members within that geographical part of the UK.

The RHA is currently headed by Chief Executive Mr Geoff Dunning.

The RHA was engaged in the United Kingdom fuel protest of 2000, which was a major protest against the price of fuel and fuel tax. The RHA has been engaged in similar campaigns in 2007 and 2008

Haulage may refer to:

Haulage cost is the cost of loading raw ore at a mine site and transporting it to a processing plant.

Haulage rights is the arrangement where one railway, supplying cars, may negotiate rates with customers located on another railway’s line, the road granting haulage rights. This differs from trackage rights in that the host railway operates the trains for the other railway, where with trackage rights, the secondary railway operates trains over the host’s track.

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