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Passenger transport by air

An airline provides air transport services for passengers or freight. Airlines lease or own their aircraft with which to supply these services and may form partnerships or alliances with other airlines for mutual benefit. Generally, airline companies are recognized with an air operating certificate or license issued by a governmental aviation body.

Airlines vary from those with a single aircraft carrying mail or cargo, through full-service international airlines operating hundreds of aircraft. Airline services can be categorized as being intercontinental, intra-continental, domestic, or international, and may be operated as scheduled services or charters

2010-07-15 B767 Delta N1611B EDDF 02.jpg
A Boeing 767-300ER of Delta Airlines, The world’s largest passenger airline that operates under a single operating certificate.

A FedEx Express McDonnell Douglas MD-11. FedEx Express is the world’s largest airline in terms of number of aircraft and in terms of freight tons flown.
Ryanair Boeing 737-800 shortly after take-off. Ryanair is the world’s largest airline in terms of number of international passengers carried.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : Passenger transport by air
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