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Hobby Clubs

The Hobby Computer Club is a Dutch computer club that began as a small group of people that lived near the town of Utrecht, and who on April 27, 1977 established what is now the world’s biggest society, the HCC, (Chamber of commerce nr. V 445230). The HCC was inspired by the legendary Homebrew Computer Club which organized meetings in Silicon Valley since March 1975.

The first HCC meeting was in a building of the Delft University of Technology, at that moment the HCC had 12 members.

A small stenciled (A5 size) newsletter was published irregularly, but after attending a meeting for model train hobbyists the HCC grew explosively. Soon the HCC had branches in every part of the Netherlands, and through the years the HCC grew to more than 150,000 members. The small newsletter turned into a monthly computer magazine ("Computer!totaal") that still has an internal newsletter called hcc!link. The HCC now also offers a free Internet service to its members, as well as free technical assistance with computer problems.

Every year a big congress is held in Utrecht with many hundreds of thousands of attendants, the famous "HCC-dagen" (HCC-days).

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : Hobby Clubs
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