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Antique shops and secondhand goods
Types of second-hand shop in the UK.
Second-hand books, Chorley market

There are various types of second hand shop, generally specialising in a particular type of merchandise.

  • Junk shop - sells all kinds of old goods, ranging from pictures, tools, tableware to furniture and garden ornaments. The best junk shops are piled high with a huge variety of items to encourage browsing and bargain hunting.
  • Antique shop - sells the same type of goods, either of better quality or with rarity value, consequently charging much higher prices. The distinction between junk and antiques is not always clear-cut.
  • Charity shop - similar to a junk shop but set up to fund a specific charity. These tend to specialise in clothes. The quality of the clothes donated for sale depends on the area.
  • Second hand bookshop - widespread in all areas. Still a particular feature of the Charing Cross Road area in London, among others. Second-hand bookshops are a mainstay of the book town, Hay-on-Wye in Wales.
  • Vintage clothing shop - often a source of good quality garments.
  • Office furniture shops selling mainly used goods are common, but lack a distinctive name

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    Second hand goods are also sold at jumble sales and car boot sales.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : Antique shops and secondhand goods
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